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Caleb Annan Biography (CEO/President):

Caleb Annan is a dynamic entrepreneur with a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University. With over half a decade of experience in the moving/transportation industry, Caleb’s foray into this field began during his college years, where he honed his skills by working for various moving companies. This hands-on experience, combined with his academic background, positions him uniquely at the intersection of practical know-how and business theory. His professional journey post-graduation saw him take on a pivotal role as an Advisory Associate at KPMG LLP, where he fortified his strategic thinking and advisory prowess. Further enhancing his versatility, Caleb is also a Certified Professional Scrum Master, which showcases his dedication to efficient project management and agile methodologies. Outside the realm of business, Caleb is a former collegiate athlete, having played soccer passionately for Fairleigh Dickinson University. This sporting background not only speaks to his dedication and discipline but also to his ability to work collaboratively and lead teams to victory. When he isn’t developing business strategies or reminiscing about his soccer days, Caleb can be found with a book in hand, ever eager to learn and grow. His fervor for business development and continuous learning makes him a driving force behind NMBC Moving Solutions, poised to guide the venture to new heights.

Brandon McGregor Biography (Chief of Transportation)

A proud alumnus of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelors in Business, Brandon McGregor embodies a mix of business acumen and dynamism. With a professional history that speaks volumes about his versatility, Brandon’s stint as a Financial Representative at Mutual of Omaha allowed him to delve deep into the nuanced world of insurance brokerage. This experience, while rooted in finance, provided him with insights into risk management, customer relationship handling, and strategic planning, which he adeptly transfers into his role as NMBC Moving Solutions’ Chief of Transportation. It isn’t just the boardroom or the professional field where Brandon’s leadership shines. On the soccer pitch of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Brandon showcased his dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship as a collegiate athlete. The discipline and strategy-driven mindset he harnessed on the field are traits that he seamlessly integrates into his professional life, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods for NMBC. When Brandon is not spearheading transportation strategies or managing logistical challenges, he continues his pursuit of physical excellence. With a keen interest in fitness, the gym becomes his sanctuary, where he pushes boundaries and sets new benchmarks.
Brandon McGregor, with his rich professional background and fervor for both soccer and fitness, stands as a pillar for NMBC Moving Solutions, driving transportation excellence and ensuring smooth operations across the board.

Michael Rosario Biography (CFO):

Michael Rosario, with a solid academic foundation from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a specialized certification from Harvard Online Business School in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, is an exemplar of financial acumen. With a Bachelors in Finance under his belt, Michael has expertly navigated the intricate world of finance, demonstrating his prowess with roles such as Account Services Associate at the global powerhouse, Lazard, and as a Collateral Management Operations Analyst at Daiwa Capital Markets. His experiences have given him a deep understanding of financial and asset management, making him an invaluable asset to NMBC Moving Solutions as its Chief Financial Officer. Michael’s leadership and commitment to service are not new traits; they were evident during his college years. As the Treasurer and Public Relation Chair for the Lota Kappa Chapter of Sigma Chi, he showcased his ability to manage finances effectively while ensuring seamless communication and collaboration. Parallel to his professional and academic accomplishments is his passion for sports. A former collegiate soccer player for Fairleigh Dickinson University, Michael’s athletic journey instilled in him discipline, teamwork, and a competitive spirit. When not crunching numbers or strategizing financial pathways, he can be found either reminiscing about his soccer days or cruising down snowy slopes, as he also has a fervent love for skiing. Michael’s combination of financial expertise, leadership qualities, and a zealous approach to both work and play positions him perfectly to steer NMBC Moving Solutions towards fiscal success and stability.

Nicholas Halpin Biography (Chief Operating Officer):

Nicholas Halpin, a distinguished graduate from Fairleigh Dickinson University, majored in Sports Management, a field that allowed him to blend his passion for sports with the intricacies of management. This unique combination would later become the foundation of his leadership style – one that is driven by strategy, commitment, and team spirit. Nicholas’s experience as a part of Amazon’s logistics team provides a testament to his expertise. Here, he was not just another employee but a critical contributor, responsible for logistics and warehousing operations. These roles honed his skills in managing large-scale operations, ensuring efficiency, and maintaining the highest standards of service delivery. Such practical exposure makes Nicholas an invaluable asset to NMBC Moving Solutions, where he leverages his expertise as the Chief Operating Officer. While his professional endeavors are noteworthy, Nicholas’s personal passions give a more holistic view of the man behind the title. As a former collegiate athlete representing Fairleigh Dickinson University, Nicholas didn’t just play soccer; he led, earning the honor of being the team’s captain. This leadership role on the field has undoubtedly influenced his decision-making and collaborative approach in a corporate setting. Away from work and the soccer field, Nicholas’s loyalties lie with the Dallas Cowboys and Ohio State sports teams. This devotion stems from a deep familial connection to Ohio, reflecting his appreciation for legacy, tradition, and community. Nicholas Halpin, with his unique blend of sports leadership, logistical acumen, and unwavering dedication, stands as a linchpin for NMBC Moving Solutions, ensuring its operations run seamlessly, efficiently, and with a winning spirit.

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